Training & Development

Training & Development

An ongoing process of sharpening the axe, to refresh your self by decluttering... 

Think anew!

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Empathetic Communication

A powerful tool to build and enrich inter-personal relationships - 

Top Down

Bottom Up

Across Line


Emotional Intelligence

"Wherever I go, there I am..."

And spread myself.

Learn the nuances of your perceptions, biases and preconceptions that lead to your emotional dispositions to situations.

A key to develop situational leadership, gives you an edge in this VUCA world

Managing by Human Values

The key anchor to your day to day choices and the stability factor of your personality.

Build respect and trust by bringing consistency in your day to day transactions with people you deal with, based on core values that you operate through.

Creative Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving

"Life is organic in nature."

"You are your choices."

"You can not touch the same river twice."

Stress, Time & Productivity Management

Complexity of working environment demands more and more of your attention and focus.

Coping up with the inevitable distractions, stretching your capabilities and having a robust work-organising mechanism at your disposal should make you relaxed and be more productive

Negotiation Skills

In life, and in business, you don't get what you deserve.

You get what you negotiate.

Learn to maneuver  sails... not with people, but with their mindsets.

How can you change a mind, if you don't know where it is?