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Attending to training needs of Corporate:

Learning is a life long process. As we graduate up on professional ladder, the orientation of learning shifts towards facing challenges which are more complex and demanding needs of real-time competition at personal, department and organisational level

Your position demands skill sets which require comprehending the circumstances, thinking as a leader... does it come naturally? we believe life is more about "Nurturing" rather than Nature's product. Ofcourse all nurturing is in backdrop of Natural environment, but a human-child left in nature of animal world turns out to be more of a animal than human. Hence, nurturing is key, with nature acting as a back-drop. With every rising position, and every changing situation your nature (back-drop/environment) changes. And every change requires nurturing. Either through self-learning or through assisted direction, which is speedy and comes out of other's expertise, and turns out to be economical.

All such nurturing comes out of facilitation and intervention through our expert trainers who have gone through life of diverse situations and life stages to be able to guide you to lead a life, negotiating your course with ease and building up your life to pinnacle of success, peace, happiness and satisfaction.

Life is what we make it. Learning is what makes it. Its a tool. If you have only hammer as a tool, all problems seem like a nail. Hence, we fail. People build companies. And people ruin companies. Do you want to become the reason for your organisation's success or become it's pain? Come equip yourself with whatever skills you think has become next imperative tool for your growth!

Here is a non-comprehensive list of some skills which we think people need to learn and refresh at all and any stage of life. It ensures your gracious presence around your professional or personal circles which builds your pyschological self:

Training Topics:

Life Skills Soft Skills
Emotional Intelligence Communication & Presentation Skills
Decision Making Skills
Business Etiquette
Communication Skills (With empathy & Assertion) Body Language Communication
Conflict Resolution Skills Habit Liberation
Negotiation Skills Image Management
Change and Adaptation Skills
Business Communication
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Practicing Dicipline and Developing Will Power
Managing by Human Values Developing Empathy
Leadership Skills
Time and Stress Management
Team Management
Interpersonal Skills
Self Esteem & Will Power Building
Motivational Skills
Entrepreneurial Attitude
Business Ethics
Personal Effectiveness

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