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B.Com / BBA + MBA (Integrated)
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 B.Com / BBA + MBA (Integrated)

The obective of integrating undergraduation course with MBA opportunes time and space to mould the students 360 degrees in all aspects of life.

The instinct of management starts with thinking at basic level. To fine-tune and condition the mind and bring the thought process in the direction of systemized thinking leads to the integration of management with leadership. Hence the result produced is a content life in professional as well as personal arena. Because, your habits follow you to what ever domain of life you are dealing with on day to day basis, it becomes necessary to imbibe management as a habit in your core personality.

The objective of this integrated course zeroes to sprouting of the leadership skills in the person at graduation level training program and induce the management skills at MBA level. The end product of this course, turns out to be a complete personality; capable of living a happy and successful personal and professional Life.

The course content at graduation level involves complete coverage of essential qualities of a mind to be able to pursue management course with the help of training involving subjects like Psychology, Human Behaviour, Basic Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Data Interpretaion, Reasoning & Logic building and English Communication Skills etc.

It also includes grooming of the student with Emotional Intelligence, Intra-Personal & Inter-Personal Skills, Mentoring at Conscious and Subconscious level, Channelizing Thought Pattern of Mind, Mind Mapping and Brain Stilling excercises.

Curriculum Guideline

B. Com-I B. Com-II
Business Communication Business Statistics
Business Mathematics
Business Regulatory Frame Work
Financial Accounting Corporate Accounting
Business Economics Company Law and Accounting
Business Management Priinciples of Marketing
Basics of Computer
Human Resource Management
Environment Studies Fundamentals of Insurance
Managing Interpersonal/Group Behavior Computer Communication & Network
B. Com-III
Cost Accounting
Management Accounting
Financial Management
Income Tax
Business Environment
International Marketing
Business Ethics
Advertisement & Sales Management

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